10 things to help you through 10 days before Run Norwich

Neil Featherby shares his top tips for runners ahead of the 10km Run Norwich, which takes place on Sunday, August 6.








  1. Stick to your routine with regards to diet. Include some extra carbohydrates, but this is a 10k race, not a marathon so don’t overdo it and do not experiment with foods not eaten before.
  2. If your longest run going into this weekend is less than 10k, then don’t go all out to run the distance or indeed run longer just a week before the main event.
  3. If possible go out for a rehearsal run this coming Sunday whilst wearing race day kit at the same time of day as what the race starts. Focus your mind as if actually there.
  4. Check your kit and make sure everything is in good working order. It is not too late to still purchase items if required, especially socks which can be just as important as shoes.
  5. For those who get nervous, try to get a little extra sleep during the week just in case you don’t sleep so well the night before race day.
  6. Create lots of positive thoughts in your mind. Keep reminding yourself of all the training miles you have put in and focus your mind on ticking off each km with ease.
  7. Taper your runs during race week, but don’t stop completely. Lots of people have experienced heavy legs come race day by completely shutting down too soon.
  8. Check out the long-range weather forecast as whilst we can’t be too sure what race day will bring, the likelihood is that it will be warm. Drink plenty of fluids so as to stay hydrated throughout the week.
  9. Have all items of kit laid out and ready before race day. Make a check list with everything you know you will need to have with you and tick each item off as you pack.
  10. Pace makes for the perfect race! After months preparing for your big day, do not spoil it by going off too quickly. Look to get round in the best and most efficient way possible.