Monthly Archives: May 2020

Neil Featherby: ‘New’ runners means new injuries

New runners must take care or they will end up with injuries Picture: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP Having recently set up a new email advice line at Sportlink to help advise customers on potential footwear purchases from our new online website service, I think it is fair to say I opened the floodgates. It is obviously not…
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Neil Featherby: Meet the man who makes running suit his needs

Dave Thomas training on St James Hill on Mousehold Heath Picture: Dave Thomas Every Monday morning whilst out on my morning run, it is always a case of me wondering about who or what I should write about for my next column. I always try to mix it up between current running stories and what…
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Neil Featherby: How Norfolk Harriers became a force to be reckoned with

Picture: The Norfolk Harriers prior to last year's Run Norwich 10k Picture: Stu Barnard This week’s column is going to feature another good friend of mine and well respected runner, Steve Jones - or should I say former Police Chief Inspector Steve Jones, also turned race director? Prior to this year's National Police Cross Country…
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