A Special Message from Neil Featherby and the Sportlink Team…


Whilst we are all currently going through what has to be the most surreal time in all our lives, the most important thing is that we really do look after each other just right now.

The fear of the unknown is one thing i.e. how long will this last and what will be at the end of it all, but whilst we are living the moment, it really is so very important that we not only stay fit and healthy for our physical well-being, but just as importantly for our mental wellbeing too.

While I was out running this morning with two of my huskies through the eerily quiet streets and around the wooded area of my village, as I made my way home deep in thought along one of the very narrow lanes, there was a large car coming towards me. It stopped to let me and my dogs past and just as I got in eyeshot, I could see this lady with a huge smile on her face. I waved and shouted out, “brilliant keep smiling whatever you do.”  As I was then heading up the lane,  she had opened her window so as to shout back “I most certainly will.” Just a little thing like that all adds to brightening up our day. Running for me and so many others as indeed so do many other forms of exercise, really do help us to stay on top of any adversity which we may have to face up to during the course of a day.

During the last 24 hours, I have also received several messages from various race directors and club chairman with regards to the races which their clubs have planned for this year asking me that if they have to cancel their events or revert back to a later date, will we are Sportlink still support them going forward.

My answer to that is yes of course we will, that they can be assured of. Support for each other is now more paramount than ever and as I have always said, Sportlink and it’s fantastic team of personnel have always been much, much, more than just a retail outlet.

We are still very much open and here along with a big smile on our faces albeit of course whilst also following all the government guidelines.

However and at the same time, if you are feeling unwell or even not sure, but need any products from us, then no need to worry about whether you should come along to see us or not as we will be more than happy to get them to you one way or the other be it via mail delivery or personal delivery to your doorstep.

In the mean-time our phones are open even if for just a chat.

Stay safe, fit and healthy…..and keep on running. A run in the countryside with plenty of fresh air particularly as we now head into the spring months is awesome…..

Oh and just one other thing, just as we all need to be here for each other, for those who know me well, you will also know that I have a huge love for my dogs and all animals for which we also do a lot of fund raising for The Hallswood Animal Sanctuary along with various other animal and people related charities. This is also a time for us to ensure that our support will also continue for them too in what is uncertain times for them as well. As always any old items of footwear or clothing for our charity rail will be very much appreciated too.


Keep smiling all you brilliant people….


Neil Featherby.