We regularly feature one of the Sportlink team for a Q&A. 

This month it's Pete Johnson in the spotlight.


How is your season going Pete?

Touch wood, well. I have competed in a number of races this year and although the times aren't where I used to be, I'm satisfied.


Have you had any serious injuries?

To date I can only remember my adductor injury, this took me out for weeks. I even know what caused it. I raced three 5000m inside two weeks, that's a lot of cornering. Aside from that I've probably had most of the problems that everyone gets. Oh there was the calf problem which stopped my return to London.


What is your favourite race distance?

This used to be the marathon, I still think I'm more suited to the longer distances Ten and half, although I am trying to target more 10kms to keep the speed up.


Favourite pre-race food?

None really, I have a sweet tooth so I'll always go for a dessert with custard ha ha.


Do you have any post-race recovery tips, food drink, rest?

I always try to hydrate after a race, but basically get some food in during that first ½ hour or so after training/racing. For me, I will probably have a recovery jog the day after. There was  a time when I'd go out later the same day!


Do you have a superstitious colour or piece of kit?

Not really, I have favourite race shorts, but more than one pair and as many of you will remember, I have worn a good many vests in my time.


If you were able to do any other sport, what would you choose?

I have followed motor sport for more years than I can remember, so that would probably be my choice.


If you had an idea weather condition and time of day to run, what would it be?

Early to mid morning, not freezing but not hot. I don't think I run well in the heat, if it starts to rain when I'm out that's ok.


What shoe are running in currently?

I have always got on well with Brooks Ghost, now 11th edition, and my other go to shoe would be ON Cloud X.


Jaffa cake, cake or biscuit?