Official Re-Opening

As so many of you will know we have done our very best to keep Sportlink operating and of course staying involved with the running community as much as possible by way of online and mail order sales along with what I think is the very first direct home delivery service by a running shop. To say it has been fun is an understatement. Postman Kat (Kathryn Howes) was at the forefront of this, but with great help from Action Adie (Adie Grand) along with three really good friends who so kindly helped on this front, Kate Head (Kate’s Kourriers) Richard Collyer (Rapid Richard), Myles Hague (Mailman Myles) and not forgetting Delivery Dog of Course (Luna). We also ran a click and collect service which allowed for people to come along and pick up their shoes whilst trying them on outside. With regards to gait analysis, whilst we have been unable to do video assessments, using our many years of experience we have still been able to provide customers and clients with a visual outside gait analysis.

It has been tough that is for sure and having to furlough staff really made it extra difficult, but as of this coming week all the Team will be back and we will once again be open to the public which we really are all very much looking forward too.

Changes Instore
Needless to say there have been several changes instore so as to do our very best to ensure the safety of customers and staff and whilst it will all seem a little strange, please be assured that the same customer service will be in place along with the usual fun and banter. Something’s will never ever change at Sportlink, that’s for sure.

Video Gait Analysis
The treadmills are being fitted out with screens around them for which this will of course add further safety when it comes to this service. Whilst we are more then happy to also carry on with outside visual assessments, for those who want the video analysis instore, then we really would appreciate it if you could make an appointment in advance. 01603 868606.

Entry and Exit Doors
We now have an entry and exit door with all floor markings, seating bays and a counter screen in place. A huge thank you to Craig Bowen Jones and his team at Rock Solid Graphics in Drayton for this. There is also plenty of hand sanitiser by both doors and on the counter.Thank you Karen Grapes.

Social Distancing
So as to maintain social distancing, there will be times when we may ask you to wait outside such as if the shop is already busy when you arrive. We have also put an outdoors gazebo up and who knows we may even provide some extra out of store Sportlink entertainment. Adie Grand tells us he’s a good musician…we will see!

Try On Socks
When purchasing shoes, we are no longer allowed to provide you with a try on sock, so please do bring your own unless you also intend buying socks instore for which we can then provide you with a fresh clean new pair.

Shoe Returns
Please also note that once shoes have now been purchased and used, we cannot take them back unless there is a manufacturing problem. Therefore and whilst we always go to great lengths by way of helping you chose the correct footwear for your own individual needs, please do try to be 100% sure that the shoe you select for purchase is indeed the right shoe for your needs by way of fit, style and comfort.
Any unused items can of course be returned, but it would be appreciated if done so within 7 days of purchase.

With regards to payment, we will take cash, but card method is currently preferred if possible.

Outdoor Service
For those who prefer to not shop instore, then we are still more than happy to serve outside and as said earlier, we will be looking to provide customers with cover from the outside gazebo.

Home Delivery Service
We will also continue with our home delivery and click and collect service for those who wish to purchase via telephone (01603 868606) or our online store

Store Opening Hours
Opening hours will now revert back to where they were prior to lockdown –
Monday to Friday 10am to 5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm.

An absolute huge thank you to the so very many friends and customers who have supported us during the last three months. In five months time, Sportlink will ironically celebrate its 26th Birthday. Needless to say 26 being synonymous with the last mile of a marathon for which this particular year has in many ways replicated the many feelings and emotions of that last mile. However and what is sure, your support has most certainly helped us remain in business and of course will now guarantee that we will indeed cross the finish line of our 26 mile/year marathon come November 16th for which you can also be assured that we will continue to support the local running community and all those who love their running.

Needless to say, I also need to thank all of those people who are part of Team Sportlink - Craig Featherby – Chris Mickleburgh – Kathryn Howes – Pete Johnson – Karen Hamilton – Dan Skinner – Katie Goldsmith – Adie Grand - Ed Whiting – Chas Allen - Nick Applin - Lisa Hall – Luke Guy – Craig Bowen Jones – Rob Newman and Danny Mills along with Sportlink TVs Mark Armstrong and John Fensom.

All the very best and as Always…Keep on Running,

Neil Featherby.