Reviewed by Chris Mickleburgh - Sportlink.

Chris says…

When we tend to bring people out a pair of 361, the vast majority of people have not heard of them. The Spire 4 may well be on the way to changing that with it’s instantly plush and comfortable step in feel. The tongue and heel are both nicely padded which is part of the reason for this. Another is the high level of cushioning in the shoe. A combination of QU!K Spring+ foam designed for rebound and comfort all whilst saving weight and QU!KFOAM, an EVA rubber blend with a PU coating which provides excellent durability, cushioning and responsiveness.

It could be argued that there are more cushioned shoes on the market or lighter weight more responsive shoes, and you wouldn’t be wrong. What the Spire 4 does manage to do very well is to give you a lightweight and well cushioned shoe which is a jack of all trades. From easy runs, to efforts and long runs, this shoe has more than enough of everything you would need to perform in any given area.

Your foot feels locked in and secure around the mid foot due to it’s MORPHIT construction and stable thanks to a QU!K Spine, a carbon fibre shank which adds integrity to the midfoot. The shoe features a 9mm heel to toe drop and a soft breathable upper which is a roomier fit in the toe box than other models in the range.