Reviewed by Daniel Skinner - Sportlink

Dan says…
The Glycerin is Brooks’ premium cushioned neutral shoe and that is clear as soon as you put the shoe on your foot! With super soft "DNA LOFT FOAM" from heel to toe and a soft upper, everything about the Glycerin screams plush!

I have owned a lot of shoes, but this must be the softest of them all. It is ideal for those longer runs where you want a comfortable shoe to look after your legs but is equally light enough that picking up the pace doesn’t feel like hard work. The softness does mean it isn’t the most stable for those who over pronate, but if you are a neutral runner looking for cushioning, the Glycerin is certainly worth a look.

The toe box is generous, but the 3D Fit Print upper still gives a snug feeling on the foot. I personally like a lot of room around my toes, so the width feels great, but the heel is so padded that I don’t feel like I am coming out of the shoe at all.

Brooks have created a very smooth transition zone between the heel and forefoot with the mid- and out-sole grooves, meaning that push off feels natural and you don’t get the ‘slappy’ feeling that so often comes from such a soft heel.
In summary, the Glycerin is a very comfortable shoe which adds a touch of luxury to the longer runs!

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