Vegan Friendly Running Shoes….

Vegan Friendly Running Shoes….

With so many people now following vegetarian and vegan diets, we are also being asked as to which brands produce running shoes which  are made without using any animal derived materials.

Whilst most running shoes are made from synthetic materials, some of these materials still contain leather. However, most of the issues appear to be with the dyes and glues with some being derived from animals for which not all the brands can guarantee that their footwear is 100% Vegan friendly.

Therefore if you are looking for a shoe where no animal has been used during the manufacturing processes, please see below information with regards to the brands we stock at Sportlink.

We will continue to update any further information and changes as we receive it.


According to their website they have a huge selection of vegan friendly shoes. However, they do point out that the brand also produces shoes that are nonvegan as they contain the use of animal leather.

From the information that has been published on their website, all Asics running shoes stocked at Sportlink are vegan friendly.


Brooks have for quite some time now produced running footwear that is Vegan and environmentally friendly. Having been able to get a direct response from their sales representative on behalf of the company, please see below.

“Yes, all our shoes are vegan except the walkers due to the leather but all running shoes are vegan.”

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Hello Neil,

I have spoken to our FSR team and I have been told all our shoes are Vegan friendly apart from the below;

Sky Outdoor range

Bondi & Gaviota Leather


Jamie Ging

Sales Executive


From their website.

This British brand guarantees that all its shoes are made without leather or suede and are vegan featuring a variety of different soles for excellent grip on track or trail.

On the back of their statement, we also assume that the glues used during the manufacturing of their footwear is also vegan friendly.


Hi Neil,

I can confirm that our running shoes are vegan friendly.  We do not use any natural leathers nor use glues or dyes which contain animal derivatives in our shoes.


Steve Davies
UK Field Sales Manager

New Balance

From their website

Many of our models are made with synthetic materials. However, please note that we do use different types of glues depending on what is available. Some glues contain animal products. Although the shoe may be made of synthetic leather it does not mean it will be completely vegan.


Direct from their sales representative on behalf of the company -

Hi Neil,

Yes all our shoes are all 100 percent vegan friendly.

Kind regards


On-Running UK


Direct from their sales representative on behalf of the company -

Hi Neil,

Our performance range is vegan friendly in terms of materials but we can’t guarantee the factories are vegan friendly as they may use leather etc on other products.

Kind Regards



From their website

*This company is unable to guarantee that the glue used in its synthetic shoes will remain vegan at all times, because of potential changes in suppliers and the availability of ingredients. We’ve opted to include it here because its products are widely available and because being vegan is not about personal purity. The more popular these synthetic shoes are, the more cruelty-free options will be made available in the future.

We will continue to update any further information and changes as we receive it.

The Sportlink Team.